Vital Alpha Testo

We all want to be THAT guy. We envy him. We respect him. We love and hate him at the same time. I mean, here we are, staring at this hot chick all night. Trying to sum up the nerve to actually go talk to her, while making excuses and rationalizing ourselves out of it.

And here comes this dude, out of nowhere, and after a couple of minutes… The girl is all over him! Like a bee drawn to her favorite, sweet kind of honey. How does he do it? What kind of “secret power” this guy possesses?

Well let me ‘break it to ya’: This dude is just like you and me. Yup, flesh and blood. 100% Human. The only difference is that he conveys something called “Vital Alpha Testo.”

I’ll even tell you another “secret”: Chances are, he wasn’t born with these skills, or attributes.That right, he had to ADOPT them. Just like you and me have to do. Here are the three most important elements of an alpha personality. Read, study, implement.

#1 — Leadership

In every group there is the dominant (leader), and the follower. One quick look at the group, and you know who the alpha is. The “top dog.” The one leading the conversation, the one everyone agree with. The one who “sets the tone.” This is a vital alpha male characteristic.

Most people posses behaviours who give away they low self-esteem and social value. They speak with hesitation, always looking for approval. Validation. Not the leader though. He doesn’t ask what to do. He tells (In an non-direct way) what to do.

#2 — Undisputable Confidence

This is the main difference between the Vital Alpha Testo and the betas. What separates the men from the boys. Confidence. You must convey to the world that you don’t care what anyone thinks. What they do. How they behave. This, without a doubt, is the most crucial alpha male characteristic.

You live in your own reality. your own terms. The whole world is your playground for you to play. You don’t fear rejection, because it doesn’t bother you. YOU are the best thing that can happen to that girl, and if he doesn’t want it, it’s her loss. Starting to get it?

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